De Klaver

Tipo de activoDeuda privada
Estrategia de impactoAgricultura y alimentación sostenible
SectorAgricultura y ganadería ecológicas
Hectáreas de agricultura ecológica97
Alineado con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)

Descripción disponible solo en inglés

“De Klaver” is the organic dairy farm of Wilbert and Astrid van der Cruijsen. They have been living with their family since 2007 on the Bingerden estate in the Netherlands, where the company is located. The milk from cross-bred Fleckvieh cows goes to the municipality of Rouveen, where cheese is made. The meadows are all lined with hedges and trees, which provide shade for the cows in the summer, but above all provide a wide variety of birds. The company will be further expanded and renovated, and a Bed and Breakfast will be opened on the estate.