De Groene Griffioen

Tipo de activoDeuda privada
Estrategia de impactoAgricultura y alimentación sostenible
SectorAgricultura y ganadería ecológicas
Alineado con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)

Descripción disponible solo en inglés

De Groene Griffioen is a cattle farm with 45 cows near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They produce organic milk. The cows walk in the meadow as much as possible. They are mated by a real bull, keep the horns, and are never given preventive medication and antibiotics.

Boy and Wendela Griffioen do more than just organic farming. They think about how everything can be done as sustainably as possible. They are as self-sufficient as possible. In the farm shop, they sell homemade cheese, as well as the milk and meat of their cows. You can also rent a room at De Groene Griffioen for team building, workshops, meetings, yoga, 'hitting sessions', press moments and music recordings.