BD Grondbeheer

Driebergen Rijsenburg,
Tipo de activoDeuda privada
Estrategia de impactoAgricultura y alimentación sostenible
SectorAgricultura y ganadería ecológicas
Alineado con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)

Descripción disponible solo en inglés

Stichting Grondbeheer is an independent foundation that purchases agricultural land with donations from donors and leases it to biodynamic (BD) farmers and horticulturists at fair prices. Sometimes Stichting Grondbeheer finances agricultural land with a mortgage to ensure that the BD agricultural land offered remains available for BD agriculture. Part of the donation is used to repay this financing and to really clear the ground.

The foundation also issues perpetual bonds. The capital that becomes available from this is fully used to purchase agricultural land or to repay existing financing for BD agricultural land. With this, the foundation wants to expand and continue the total BD agricultural land for current and future generations.