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Cooperativa Agraria Cacaotera Acopagro Ltda. (ACOPAGRO) sources cocoa beans from its over 2,000 members who are located in four production zones in the Central Amazon region of Peru.

ACOPAGRO has 70 collection centres where the beans are sorted, fermented and dried. The cocoa beans are tested in ACOPAGRO's own lab, which contains a miniature chocolate factory so that the buyers' requirements for taste, aroma and acridity can be tried. This ensures a high quality of its fair trade and organic certified cocoa that complies with the directions from the buyers in the United States and Europe.

The farmers who deliver their produce to ACOPAGRO can be paid immediately thanks to the trade finance provided by Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2014:

- Number of hectares: 3,209 hectares of sustainably cultivated land, equivalent to 4,494 football pitches

- Number of farmers: 2,020