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Cooperativa Mixta Mujeres Unidas Limitada (COMIXMUL) in Honduras has a clearly defined objective of reaching out to rural and urban women entrepreneurs. The institution offers microloans, housing loans and is has introduced a value-chain financing product. It also offers a variety of savings products and non-financial services, such as training, health care, access to medicine and access to clean water. COMIXMUL's ambition is to continue to improve its credit operations and expand its product and service offering. The loan provided by Hivos-Triodos Fund and Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation helps COMIXMUL in this ambition.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2014:

- number of loan clients: 73,369

- percentage female clients: 54%

- percentage rural clients: 58%

- average loan amount: EUR 716

- number of savings clients: -