Stichting Groenhuysen

Tipo de activoDeuda privada
Estrategia de impactoEnergía y clima
SectorConstrucción sostenible
Alineado con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)
  • Salud y bienestar

Descripción disponible solo en inglés

The old Zellebergen building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Centers for Living & Care De Zellebergen and Oostkwartier in Oudenbosch, the Netherlands. Groenhuysen owns the building and is going to renovate this four-storey building. The 48 apartments in the building with the name De Brug will be furnished in such a way that they are particularly suitable for elderly people with dementia or physical complaints who need group living. The three together are called 't Zellebergenkwartier and are literally and figuratively connected with each other.

Groenhuysen is committed to predominantly elderly people in the Roosendaal region. It offers them opportunities to get the best out of their day in their own way. They do this with a wide range of services, ranging from convenience and comfort to intensive care, both in the form of home care and in their residential facilities.