Onderzoek 'Biologisch Gezonder'

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Organic Farming

“Organic, healthier?” is a project in which several foreign and Dutch institutions cooperate, including the Louis Bolk Institute and Wageningen University. The research examines the health effects of organic food. So far only few studies have been carried out on this topic, and therefore it has to be examined first which organ functions reveal the possible health effects. These functions are known as biomarkers: parameters to measure the potential positive and negative effects on health.

The research has been carried out with chickens that were fed with either organic or conventional feed. For instance, it was investigated whether the organic feed had influence on the condition and functioning of the resistance of the chickens. In this way it can be found out whether the immune system is a suitable biomarker.

The aim of the institutions is to use the found biomarkers for further research on mammals and ultimately on human beings.