H.B.S. Nauta

Easterwierrum, Netherlands
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Sustainable Food and Agriculture
Organic Farming
Hectares of organic farmland53

H.B.S. Nauta is an organic dairy farm located in the heart of Friesland, the Netherlands. With approximately 55 dairy cows and 55 hectares of grassland, organic milk has been produced since 1997. Most cows calve in the spring and can then immediately go into the meadow. This ensures that most milk is produced from fresh grass. The milk is delivered to Kaasmakerij Henri Willig in Heerenveen, where it is used to make Hooidammer and Polder cheese.

Conscious management of grassland, such as raising the water level and mowing later, has resulted in an increase in the number of meadow birds. Herbs and insects also benefit from this.