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PT. Bina Artha Ventura (Bina Artha) is established in 2011 and active in Java, Indonesia. Bina Artha means ‘capital for development' and that's precisely what it aims to achieve: the institution provides small loans to entrepreneurial women to start or expand business activities.

Bina Artha's areas of operations are spread over Java, with a focus on rural areas. 50% of the households the institution serves, live below the poverty line of 2 US dollars a day. Bina Artha's long-term vision is to be a leading provider of specialised financial services in Indonesia. The loan provided by Hivos-Triodos, Triodos Fair Share Fund, and Triodos Microfinance Fund supports Bina Artha in realising this ambition.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 198,595

- percentage female clients: 99%

- percentage rural clients: 84%

- average loan amount: EUR 109

- number of savings clients: -