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Banco Pichincha is Ecuador's biggest bank. It has the most extensive branch and ATM network and is the country's largest provider of micro- and SME finance. With Credifé, it launched one of the first microfinance programmes in the country. The bank is very innovative in its operations; it is an absolute frontrunner in mobile banking, internet banking and alternative distribution channels (employing agents and POS shops). The first agent opened in 2011 and over the past years Banco Pichincha grew the network to almost 15,000 agents that provide access to financial services to 300,000 new clients. The total volume of the transactions over the last three years was USD 1.5 billion.

The ‘Mi Vecino' (my neighbour) project, for example, is an important channel for Banco Pichincha to enter deepter into the market and reach those who have no or limited access to finance. As part of this project, Banco Pichincha has installed Point-of-Sales (POS) in shops and kiosks.

Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund have provided subordinated debt to Banco Pichinca.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 1,063,278

- average loan amount: EUR 2,646

- percentage female clients: 45%

- percentage rural clients: 6%

- number of savings clients 2,514,210